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 Plugins in use

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PostSubject: Plugins in use   Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:51 am

Here are the plugins in use on

-ChestShop -CookieMonster (Money for killing mobs)
-Essentials (Essential commands, /essentials help for more info)
-Miner (XP for mining blocks)
-SignLift (Elevator system with signs)
-SimpleChestLock (Left click a chest/door with a stick and its locked)
-WorldEdit (Admin use only)
-FoundDiamonds (Broadcasts diamond discoveries to server and gives everyone playing a timed perk)
-iConomy (Economy system, /money help)
-McJobs (Jobs system which renders income, /jobs help)
-WorldGuard (Admin use only)

If you have any confusion as to how to use and what these plugins are good for, feel free to google them Smile
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Plugins in use
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